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What is bee?
Welcome to a membership-based service dedicated to making the working life of creative freelancers as easy as can bee!

The number 1 worry for freelancers is not getting paid on time. We take that worry away from you and guarantee you a weekly payment – whether your client has paid or not! This frees you up to do what you do best – get on with all the creative work.

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We’ll help you manage your clients easily!
With our support and our intelligent, simple-to-use online systems, working with clients has never been easier or more trouble-free. We help you:
  • Manage your clients (i.e., agencies)
  • Maintain your job history
  • Provide an accurate overview of your payments
  • Promote your services to clients
  • Stand out from the crowd (freelancers highlighted on front page every month)
  • Share/sync calendar between you and your clients

And… we work with you to make sure that you get the most out of these tools.

Not only does this make life easy for you, but your clients like it as well. They benefit from:
  • Clear agreements
  • Professional invoices
  • Online time card approvals
  • Historical, current & future overview of bookings and options

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“let’s get the freelancer paid on time”

bee was birthed from this simple idea. The founder, Melissa Orang, had years of experience working for one of the world’s premiere creative talent staffing agencies. She saw time and time again how incredibly talented creatives moved mountains to please their clients, but struggled with the required client-facing administration. For most of them, it simply wasn’t their thing. It was an unwelcome distraction from the work they really loved to do. It created anxiety, conflict with clients and cash-flow problems.

So bee came along to make life easier. We allow you – the freelancer – to bee released from worrying about admin, to bee creative and above all…bee happy.

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It's unbeelievably easy.
We take away your stress in dealing with client-side issues like:
  • Making good agreements (making sure that the job and deliverables well-defined, with reasonable rate and payment schedule, terms and conditions included….)
  • Clocking your hours (and avoid unpleasant surprises !)
  • Getting timely approvals for all stages of your work
  • Invoice your client on time
  • Getting paid on time (we guarantee that you are paid within a week)
  • Managing your bookings and options
  • Having a clear overview of your finances
  • Full access to the talent pool (build your network)

How We Work Section 2

How we work
bee takes the responsibility off your shoulders and for this we agree on a fixed % from your hourly rate – you have no up-front costs and no membership fee. We also support you by providing on-going advice. After all, your success is our success.
What we don’t do:
  • Collection of outstanding invoices where bee hasn’t been involved from the start
  • Pay-rolling (i.e., we do not deduct taxes)
  • Promise you new clients (while we may match agency requests with talent, we are not a recruitment agency – you must come with your own clients)

bee will pay you immediately after each week of work (assuming, of course, that the hours have been approved by the client).

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Complete flexibility
Our goal is to free you up as much as possible to concentrate on your assignments. It’s that simple. You are in control at all times. You are free to decide which client(s) you would like to use our services, and the services can be cancelled at any time.

(On our side, we also reserve the right to not work with a particular client at any point, if we choose – however, both freelancer and client can still work together!)


Before extending the offer of membership, we sit down with every single freelancer, face-to-face. We want everyone – both freelancers and their clients – to know exactly what they can expect.
Freelancers: before contacting us for a meeting, please make sure you have the following documents in your possession:
  • Chamber of Commerce registration form
  • VAT number (BTW)
  • Valid passport
  • Working permit (if necessary)
  • Bank account details
  • VAR statement
Have all of the above and ready to bee happy? make an appointment now.

For Agencies

For Agencies
As an agency looking for reliable and creative talent, you can now bee at ease. Avoid awkward negotiation, poorly defined deliverables and agreements, and the confusion of not knowing what’s been done or not. When you work with our members you get:
  • Clear agreements
  • Professional invoices
  • Online time card approvals
  • Historical, current & future overview of bookings and options
  • Incredibly talented freelancers who can focus entirely on delivering you what you need
  • Peace of mind

All our creative talent has been pre-screened.

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Search Talent
The bumble bee frog is one of the most distinct species on earth. These frogs are bright, colourful and highly energetic – just like our freelancers! (ok, they are also poisonous, but they make great pets when handled properly ;)

Log-in to view samples of our freelancers’ work. We’ll bee very surprised if you don’t see something that leaps off the screen and grabs you. Our talent is that good.

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"bee promotes your work"

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